MBBS Scholarship exam paper leakage: Culprits will face the Music-MoE


Himalayan News Service

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Ministry of Education (MoE) Nepal iscommitted to take action against people involved in leaking the question paper of MBBS scholarship entrance examination from Golden Gate international College, which was one of the MBBS Scholarship entrance exam centres, in Kathmandu Valley.

MoE  said that such type of mistake would not be repeated in future. 

Speaking at a programme organised in Kathmandu, Bishwo Prakash Pandit,Secretary at the ministry, said MoE was very serious about holding the MBBS scholarship entrance examination because the ministry would not compromise on providing scholarships to hard working meritorious students.

He said, “The question paper leakage yesterday had raised question about the credibility of MBBS scholarship entrance exam, thus we have rescheduled the exam for December 13.

He said no one was going to get scholarship with money, muscle and power. “Scholarship is only for meritorious and hard working students who deserve it,” he added.

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“Buying scholarship with money would be day-dreaming,” he said.

He informed that the ministry was ready to discuss making the exam centre and examination system fair.

He also assured that MBBS scholarship exams will not be held at Golden Gate  International College in future.

Educationist Prof Bidhyanath Koirala said that leaking the MBBS scholarship entrance exam question paper for money and students buying the question paper at Rs 1 million was a big mistake.

He sought the need to search for a new option to improve the examination system.

Yubaraj Sharma, general secretary, Higher Secondary School’s Association Nepal (HISSAN), said there was need to punish people who had leaked question papers for money.

However, he said action would not be taken against Golden Gate International College.

He suggested adopting computerised system for conducting such examinations. 

DK Dhungana, general secretary, Private and Boarding Schools Organisation Nepal (PABSON), said that the academic institution did not have any ill intentions so action should not be taken against it. “The incident took place because of the ill-intention of the people of the institution, thus, action against the academic institution would not be fair,” he added.

Speakers from other private educational institutions also said action should not be taken against the college.