Maximum complaints filed in CIAA of Karnali are related to education issues


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Center for Investigation of Authority Abuse (CIAA) Surkhet, 6 has stated that the maximum number of complaints of Karnali region that have been filed in CIAA has been pertaining to the Education issues.

The information was made public in a press conference organized here in Jumla.

Similarly, 100 complaints in federal issues of the country, 41 in forest and land conservation, 19 in energy matters, 18 in public health, 15 in drinking water and cleanliness and 11 in urban development have been filed in the CIAA office according to the sources of the authority.

The complains are related to the mainatainence and quality of the school building, misuse of the scholarship budget, embezzlement of the school fund, irregularities in the post fulfiilment, untimely ditribution of the school books and curriculum etc.

Primary and detailed investigations are being run in all the cases filed, says,the chief of the office of Surkhet Rabilal Pantha.

( Source: Gorkhapatra)