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Matching and Priority Setting Notice from Medical Education Commission

August 29, 2021
Last updated June 03, 2022

Medical Education Commission calls for online priority setting by all the candidates in the merit list (Published on 5th, 6th, and 7th August, 2021) in order to prioritize candidate's choice of the academic institutions.

  1. Online priority setting START: 31-August-2021 10:00 AM (NST)
  2. Online priority setting CLOSE: 5-September-2021 5:00 PM (NST)




Notice for Priority Setting of Academic Institutions for All Bachelor Level Programs for FOREIGN candidates

The foreign candidates who had duly applied with the second option, within the given deadline as per the notice of 16th March 2021, not to appear in MECEE-BL but to apply for the remaining foreign seat based on the score obtained in the national level common entrance examination of their respective country, are also required to set their priority according to above schedule.

Process of Online Priority Setting for Matching:

  1. The successful candidates will have to browse to and click on “Check my status” button to set their priorities of the available colleges for their corresponding academic programs.
  2. Proceed by filling required information (Nationality, Level, Program, Contact number, Date of birth and Voucher number) and click on “Search your status" button.
  3. Candidates can see their detail page. Click on “Set College-Program Priority" button. Please go through the notice and instructions on that page very carefully before proceeding.
  4. The seat allocation of different academies/colleges/institutions can be viewed by opening “Seat distribution” in new tab (right click on seat distribution tab on the top and click open in new tab).
  5. Candidates have to choose the college priority order by clicking “Add College” button. Candidate can select desired college and corresponding program from drop down menu. Candidate can select one or more college priorities, by clicking on the “insert above” or “insert below” button available to the right in the order of priority. The order candidate selects will be marked as priority.
  6. After selecting the priority, candidates have to click on “Save college priority" button.
  7. The priorities selected by the candidates can be amended at any time within the given time frame. After changing the priority, candidate must save it again by clicking on "Save college priority" button. Priority cannot be modified after the closing date (see above).
  8. Candidates will have to download and save the confirmation page of their “college priorities” after the closing date.
  9. Candidates are suggested NOT to choose the colleges which they do not want to pursue their study in. Once the college is matched, candidates are supposed to take admission in the choice that is matched according to their rank and priority.
  10. Based on the merit order and set priority, the Pre-nomination list of the computer based matching will be published with a deadline of 3 days to accept the nomination or withdraw it so that next candidate can avail the withdrawn seat. The new entry candidate will then be given one day's deadline to accept/withdraw. The confirmed admission list will then be published with a set deadline for admission.
  11. The matched candidates are required to take admission in the respective University (NOT directly to the college)/Academy.
  12. On the basis of the above mentioned list, the universities will admit the students in the respective colleges and inform it to Medical Education Commission.
  13. Since the number of seats available exceeded the number of merit candidates, there will be only one event of matching each for the merit candidates and the one who applied with the second option.
  14. The seats remaining vacant henceforth will be converted into Nepalese open (paying) seats.
  15. The candidates who submit the fake document will be rusticated during matching or even after admission and s/he will be liable for legal actions as per prevailing rule and regulations of Nepal.