Master's level students found cheating in exam



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Examinees, including government officers, were found involved in malpractices during Masters Level examination in Ramsworup Ramsagar Multiple Campus, Janakpur.

Examinees were seen openly copying and cheating answers with ‘helpers’ providing materials from outside.

The Masters level exams at Ramsworup Ramsagar Multiple Campus has commenced from Monday. 463 students were present to give the exams of Maithali, Nepali, English, Social Science and Political Science. Various Government officials for the promotion in their posts  had appeared for the exams had special helpers who carried cheats to them. Security guards are deployed on the command of the Assistant Sub-inspector of Nepal police since the campus is highly famous for easy cheating. 

On hearing about the news, the minister for Internal Affairs and Law Gyanendra Yadav went on the monitoring visit to the campus. However, on the arrival of the MInister Yadav the administration took him to the art gallery rather than the examination hall. The news of arrival of the minister was already conveyed to the examination while he was taken on the way to a detour. While Yadav reached the hall, students had hidden their cheats and were more alert. He did a little inspection and then returned.

The answers to the question papers were printed in the near-by stationery shop which was then taken to the examination hall by the helpers. Question paper was leaked within 5 minutes of the starting of the exam. 

The process of cheating and helpers aiding to the students continued as soon as Minister Yadav was out of sight. 

(source: Kantipur)