Marginalized students deprived of scholarships and books



The marginalized students of Saptari district have been deprived of the scholarships and books they ought to get.  The District Education Officer Dol Raj Pandey confessed himself.

He explains that the children have not been able to get access of the stationery and the scholarship that is designated for them due to the sluggishness of the principals.

Samata Foundation and the Jagaran Media Center had organized a interaction program in Biratnagar about the access of marginalized group people in education.

The District Education Office had already sent the required scholarships amount and stationery materials to the schools.

However, students have still not got it. They were told to be distributed by the end of Poush. 

The worksheet presented by the journalist Bhola Paswan states different facts on the access of the marginalized group people in the quality education. Different facts are that 70% of the marginalized group scholarship of last year have not been distributed till Falgun 15. Similarly, students have not got the books, even if they have got them those are the used ones. Despite of the claimed 12% teaching-learning achievement, only 7% has been achieved.

It also states that biasness and discrimination still exist in the schools for the marginalized students.

Problems exist in the day snacks program as well. Teachers have been doing as per they like and not been able to manage the access of the marginalized people in the class and management committee.

(Soure: Gorkhapatra)