Makers of Nepali paper find new technology



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The Nepali Paper makers of Baglung district have started using the new machine based technology for preparing the paper replacing the traditional ways. An industry on the verge of extinction has been rejuvenated.

Nepali Kagaj is made from the raw material lokta. This lokta is the fibrous inner bark of a special plant of evergreen shrub that grows in the high elevation in the mountainous region of Nepal.

Previously, the locals used to manually process the raw material lokta for producing the paper. They had to press the lokta by using the logs or wood hammers.

However,  by the use of machines they have been exempted from this labour. The yield has also multiplied 4 fold since the use of the technology with the better quality of the papers.

The demands of teh paper has also incresed with the increase in the production. The group that makes the Nepali kagaj buys the raw materials form the local lokta collectors. The collectors are happy with the incresing demand of the paper.

The Chairman of the Baglung Chamber of Commerce and Industry suggests on additional commercialization of the Nepali Kagaj for the development of the industry. The bushes (lokta) of the himalayan region could be used to the prosperity of the country and its people.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)