Major schools among the tax evaders to the metropolis



The major scools of Lalitpur district have found to be avoiding from submitting the tax to the Lalitpur Metropolitan office. The economic development committe of the Lalitpur Metropoltan has investigated the issue and brought forward the matter in the light. Schools such as DAV, Adarsh Vidyamandir (AVM) and British School of Jhamshikhel have been found to have long impending tax payments.

the co-ordinator of the development committee Rabindra Mahrajan has stated that the principals of the schools have been notified for the presence in the office of the metropolitan muncipality within seven days. He also informed that the officials have been discussing as to what type of punishment or penalty is to be assigned for the tax evasion by the schools.

According to the sources, DAV college has been escaping the tax payment from the last 23 years. The school has constructed some 8 buildings in the 30 ropani land most of which are built without any map. The school owes a tentative tax of over 5 crores. Similarly, AVM school has also not registered and not payed the tax as well since its establishment date. The school has been providing the explanantion of the school running in the trust (guthi) money.

Likewise, the British school has also constructed 7 buildings in the area of 34 ropani whereas the school has shown the metropolis only 3 ropani land in the map. Most of the buildings of the school are made without any map as well.

Similarly,  Little Angels school of Hattiban, Gems School of Dhapakhel and College of Management of Satdobato also fall in the list of tax evaders.

The tax evasion of the major schools and colleges like these which earn a thick amount of money from the students and parents is a matter of concern. This makes the road to economic development for the country and its people more tedious.

(Source: Kantipur)