LRI School commences distance learning


April 14, 2020

Learning Realm International School, Kalanki has been a pioneer in adapting Information Communication Technology (ICT). From Science Exhibition to Book Fair, they have been involving students as well as parents to showcase the children's talents. 

They have been using social media to update parents and teachers about latest news and updates about school. From 2019, they have introduced LRI app for parents and teachers. Teacher can send assignments and notifications to the parents through the app. 

Due to the outbreak of Corona Pandemic, it has started conducting online classes from Tuesday, 7th April 2020. According to Ms. Yuri Subedi, class teacher of Class 4, students are being given homework and extra curricular activities. They are giving instructions for children to help their parents and share their experience through google hangout. At present some parents are utilizing technology to connect with each other. This is also a positive experience for the children and parents to share their activities in the group. 

Ms. Yuri expressed that, "Due to the lock down and the end of the session, the children became free, they did not want to read or write or listen to their parents, children listen only to their teachers, so if the teachers talk to them or guide them at least they will get engaged, there were no other options other than online classes. To be honest we had never done online classes before, it was a challenge for us, so first we learnt from our mentor, then we practiced among our friends, after that we started with the students, for this type of situation online classes are very much effective, but here mostly electricity problem or net problem. We even had to stop the talk in the middle. "

Art by Prisha Amatya 

Children are excited by the idea of doing activities in the comfort of their home. Parents are taking their time to share their children's work, which encourages them to be innovative and creative. School praises students and parent's effort for getting involved in the teachers effort to conduct distance learning. Since, this is the first time in the school level online classes, most of the parents are not aware of this. It is very difficult to get connected to them and get the email id. But I am very thankful to those parents who supported their children by helping them, providing them the gadgets. 
Due to the increment of the infected people, the lock down have extended which is very good for the health of the citizen. We are planning to take classes of different subjects online as in the school.