Low Number of Admissions in Rural School



Bajura, 13 April (RSS): The enrollment number is quite low in most schools of Swami Kartik Khapar village in Bajura district under the State No 7, while the student enrollment campaigns are going on in the country. 

Among the schools who have low admission in the student enrollment campaign, there are no students yet admitted to the Ganga Basic School in Swami Kartik Khapar village-2, Chhattisgarh. Parents complain that this year the students haven’t been admitted yet due to lack of teachers whereas 110 students were admitted to the school in the last academic session.

The principal had gone to Kathmandu for admission of their daughter and other teachers have also not attended the school even though the student enrollment campaign is going on. Parents said that Due to these reasons students couldn’t get admission in the school.

The enrollment number is also zero in the Pungeli School of Swamikartik, Khapar village. There are only two people to run the school which provides course up to Class 2: One headmaster, Narjang Karki, and senior assistant Shital Budha. 

14 students have only been admitted to the Binda Saini School of Phayal Village so far. The school has not even taken textbooks and the student enrollment numbers have also been very low. According to Durga Bahadur Singh, 76 Students have been admitted to Rupali Primary School so far.

The enrollment numbers in the school currently having hundred and fifty students are also not satisfactory. The parents complained that there were neither teachers nor books available in the school. Even after 10 days of the new educational session, not even a single student was admitted to the school and even teachers were not present in the school.  Chairman of the Rural Municipality, Chiranjeevi Shahi, said that he will immediately take action against the teachers who were not involved in the national campaign.

Chairman Shahi said that the Rural Municipality had taken permission for conducting the class but they are planning to merge the schools having no teachers.

 Similarly, in the same village-2, parents are raising money and paying for the teachers in the school. The District Education Office gives the permission to open the school but doesn’t manage the teachers. Due to this reason, the villagers are obliged to pay money for teachers.

During the inspection of the school, President Shahi informed that he will bring the files of teachers who are not present in the school to the Rural Municipality and necessary charges will be made on them.