The Locked Room of Principal is not Still Opened



Nuwakot, 17 Jestha : The principal's room has been locked up for one and half months of Dadhkharka Primary School situated in Tarkeswor Rural Municipality- 01. 

One of the parents, Sharan Adhikari said that they had filed a complaint against various government bodies but the issue did not take into account eventually forcing them to lock principal’s room on 29 Chaitra and demand the further investigation.  

"Mr Madhu Adhikari has been the principal of the school from the last 9 years and since the time, the income and expenses of school have not been public,” “ Even though he accepted that he had used more than 5 lakh for personal use but he still has not returned the amount which made us lock", one of the guardians of school, Sharan Adhikari revealed. 

From a long time,  there were no Guardians’ meeting, social audits and lack of financial transparency made the parents complain in Ward office, rural municipality and education department. However, their complaints have not taken into consideration which made them disappointed. 

The school runs the classes to grade 3. Even though the room of the principal had been locked, the study has not been affected informed Chairman of the Management Committee, Rajendra Adhikari. 

He briefed that the main agenda of the current management committee which was established a year earlier is focused upon to maintain transparency in school and provide quality education.