Local levels in Jajarkot launch discussion on quality education



Jajarkot, Sept 10 (RSS): The local levels here have initiated discussion on quality education. 

Bheri municipality in the district recently held discussion with principals from various schools and stakeholders on how the number of students could be increased and teaching learning activities made more effective. 

The participants at the discussion stressed the need to augment quality education in the community schools and make State's investment on school meaningful and result oriented. 

Municipality Mayor Chandra Prakash Gharti informed that the school principals shared their problems before the stakeholders in the discussion where they also focused on how the schools' problems could be solved in a collaborative manner. 

Gharti also said decision was made to make the schools technology friendly and urge teachers to be honest to their work to boost quality education, which is linked to prosperity in the district. "Computer technology would be utilized in teaching learning activities, teachers quota arranged and investment on physical infrastructures made,' he shared municipality's plan. Similarly, Kushe rural municipality held an educational interaction and issued a 15-point declaration. 

Chairman of the rural municipality, Harichandra Basnet, informed that 26 school buildings were constructed with the financial assistance provided jointly by the district coordination unit and the rural municipality. 

He argued that it takes at least 15 years to achieve the result of the investment on children' education. So, political meddling in education sector must end. According to him, the rule on education prepared by the rural municipality had helped a lot to work for the reform in education. 

Chief of education and sports development section at Khuse rural municipality, Man Bahadur Giri, viewed that exam system could be changed to bring reform in school education. However, teachers have major role to bring reform in education, he stressed. Moreover, Junichande rural municipality also held a mass interaction by bringing together principals of all schools. 

Chairman of the rural municipality, Krishna Bahadur KC, warned that teachers shirking responsibility would be taken action.