Local levels can’t handle secondary education


Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, February 20  

United All Nepal Teacher’s Organization has demanded amendment to the Education Act.

Organizing a press meet here today, President of UANTO Shankar Adhikari said the Education Act had become irrelevant after the country adopted federal system of governance.

“Although the country has adopted federal system, local levels are not self-dependent. They are not in a position to formulate law and handle secondary level education.” He also said that rights to formulate education policy and laws should be given to the provincial or central government. “Before formulating laws related to education at the local levels, the Parliament should provide guidelines to the local levels.”

Making public the decision of the newly formed central committee elected through fifth convention of UANTO, Adhikari said local levels had started forming school management committees before provincial governments passed laws related to education. He said, “Teachers are facing difficulties as local representatives are arbitrarily taking decisions on transfers and appointments.”