​Lecturers taking multiple classes at the same time resign


Himalayan News Service

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Lecturers and teachers appointed at government campuses, who were accused of taking classes at several private colleges in a single shift, have started tendering their resignations in Chitwan, following the local administration’s ruling that action would be taken against them.

The DAO had warned of action against these teachers after cases of many teachers simply marking their attendance at government campuses and taking classes at private or community colleges rose.

In the wake of the DAO warning, five lecturers, including two former campus chiefs, have tendered their resignations at Maiyadevi Kanya Campus, Bharatpur.

According to Campus Chief Krishna Neupane, the lecturers had put in their papers as their classes at government Birendra Campus were during the same shift.

Assistant Campus Chief at Saptagandaki Multiple Campus Dharma Raj Ghimire said that seven lecturers of Birendra Campus tendered their resignations.

Campus Chief Shiv Paudel at Bal Kumari Campus Narayangadh said two lecturers from Bal Kumari Campus and one from Birendra Campus resigned.

Similarly, some teachers of the School of Health Sciences Bharatpur, constituent Campus of CTEVT, have stopped marking their attendance, said Principal Achyut Dahal. He said the campus had put their salaries on hold.

Private higher secondary schools in the district are bearing the brunt after government college professors and lecturers were barred from teaching in private colleges in the same shift. Most professors at Birendra Campus have been teaching at private higher secondary schools. The higher secondary schools said they were having a hard time adjusting the schedules for professors.

Higher Secondary School Association of Nepal Chitwan Chapter Chairman Bhupendra Dhital said the DAO ruling would directly affect higher secondary schools as some professors have assumed managerial responsibility in some higher secondary schools.

However, Dhital welcomed the decision banning professors and lecturers from taking classes at two places during the same shift.

After the DAO sought the schedule of professors and lecturers in government, community and private colleges, they began resigning.

Source: August 23, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.