The law of education loan should be implemented



The chairman of the three student based organizations ANNFSU, NSU and ANNFSU (revolutionary) have jointly given a press release on Saturday. The release points on the necessary changes to be made in several education related issues. The agreement letter focuses on the free secondary level education, education loan and reconstruction of debilitated school buildings.

Nabina Lama of ANNFSU, Nain Singh Mahar of Nepal Students Union (NSU) and Ranjit Tamang of ANNFSU (revolutionary) have jointly signed the release. They have urged that the secondary level education should be made free of cost as per indicated in the constitution. Similalry, the provision of getting loan by keeping the certificates as collateral should be brought into implementation. Similarly, the reconstruciton of the earthquake damaged buildings o and the archaeologically important schools such as Durbar High School

They have also stressed on the investigation of the schools by the concerned authorities, that have been imposing high fees to the students. Further, the release also states to manage for the Nursing council examination for the students of OACC Medical College affiliated to Purbanchal University.

(Source: RSS)