Language Commission running Kusunda language class in Dang



Dang, Jan 4 (RSS): The Language Commission has been running classes in the Kusunda language classes in Dang with an objective of handing over the language on the verge of disappearance to new generation. 

The Language Commission is in the campaign to teach the languages on the verge of disappearance to new generation by launching language classes as there is a situation of preserving 37 languages out of 125 languages spoken in Nepal and of them three are on the verge of disappearance. 

Saying the Dura, Tilung and Kusunda languages are on the verge of disappearance, Commission Chairperson Dr Lavdev Awasthi said that language classes have been launched to preserve languages. He also urged not to forget mother language being influenced from other languages, saying the Commission has set a plan to include the languages on the verge of disappearance in the curriculum. 

Inaugurating the Kusunda language class at Lamahi, Chairman Awasthi said that the role of local government would be crucial to keep Kusunda language alive. People from Dang, Pyuthan and Surkhet have been participating in the Kusunda language class. The Commission has already prepared the curriculum to run Kusunda language classes with the support of experts. 

Campaigner of Kusunda language and the language teacher, Udayraj Ale, said that the curriculum has been prepared with a purpose to produce Kusunda language experts through literary class dividing it into four phases. One can be Kusunda expert after completing one-year curriculum. 

Similarly, Gyanimaya Kusunda of Lamahi and Kamala Sen Kusunda of Rolpa were honoured for their significant role in preserving Kusunda language. Both of them would get Rs 3,000 each on monthly basis from the Language Commission as the 'Language Stipend’, according to the Commission.