Land Dispute Between Mahanta and Campus


Janakpur (Kas): Campus administration of Janak Hajari Bidhyapith accused Mahanta Baikunthadas of Ratnasagar temple for making a fake paper to take up the two and a half bigha land plots of the school.

The principal of Bidhyapith, Vijay Chowdhary, called a press conference on Thursday and accused Mahanta Das of making a fake paper with the aim to sell that land which was the property of the school since 2050 B.S. Bidhyapith is a campus body of Nepal Sanskrit University.

The school management has fenced the one and a half bigha land which was provided by the Central Trust Corporation in the northern part from the road and has also constructed physical infrastructure towards the south side of the road. The college administration was shocked when the High Court, Janakpur, had ordered the administration to stop construction. Principal Choudhary said, "After the order of the high court, we started investigating for the truth. While investigating I found that Mahant of Ratnasagar had made the fake paper to keep the land in his name." This land in the Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan Municipality 8 has a good road facility on both sides and is sold at Rupees 10 lakhs a dhur.

The dispute in the land of the northern part of the school is not new. In the year 2068, Das had made the land to his name with the collaboration of Rajababu Pandey, former head of the trust office, and the land revenue office. According to Chaudhary, the fake land papers were nullified with the initiative from Bidhyapith administration and the civil society. In the annotation made by the Land Revenue Office, Dhanusha, the land papers in the name of Ratnasagar Math was discarded.