Lack of Regulations Hampers Activities of National Examination Board.


 Kathmandu 10 Jestha: Due to lack of formation of rules and regulations, the problem of conducting the daily administration has arisen in National Examination Board. The making directory is not completed due to lack of rules. Due to lack of directory recruitment and promotion of employees has been stopped. 

The board has already formulated the draft of rules and regulations and has been forwarded to the ministry. But the Board can not implement it as the draft has not been sent to Council of Ministers for approval by Ministry of Education. According to Ministry of Education, the draft has been approved by different bodies like Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Law and  Public Service Commission.

“Unable to appoint new employees, the responsibility of sensitive branch is given to temporary employees”, said Chairperson of the Board Prof.Dr. Chandra Mani Poudel. “There are same problems in other sectors too. In the absence of the rules, offices have not been opened in the state level”, he added.

“From next year onwards SEE examination should be conducted from province level. But we have not yet been able to open the office and appoint employees”, said Mr. Poudel. “If the directory is not available within few days, then it will be difficult to conduct SEE examination next year”, he added.

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