Lack of over hundred teachers in Rupandehi



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There is lack of government appointed teachers in more than 100 schools in the Rupandehi district due to which the teaching-learning process has been greatly affected in the schools of this district. The community schools are in crisis due to government’s School Sector Development Program (SCDP).

In the total of 431 community schools of the district, 167 teachers are still lacking. The teachers of the lower grade level are obliged to teach to the higher classes due to which there has been negative effect in the quality of learning in students.

There are 1 lac 22 thousand students in the district. According to the mentioned law, th teachers to students ration should be 1:55, but in the Rupandehi, the ration  is 1:63.

The Assistant Chief District Officer Baburam Bhattarai informed that the schools have been upgrading each year but the lack of teachers has led to degradatoion of quality of education in the district.

According to resource person, the Mayadevi Rural Municipality is devoid of 122 teachers appointment. The chairman of the rural municipality, Bajrangi Prashad Chaudhary, stated that new law is being made for the sufficient teachers.

The access of education to female teens and child has been found to be more of a concern in this area.

According to a survey by National Campaign for Education and Care Nepal, young teenager girls and children of the marginalized group are more obliged to leave classes due to various social, mental and physical reasons.

(Source: RSS)