Lack of furniture in Durgadevi School for 43 years



Jajarkot: Students of Durgadevi Primary School of Kunshe Municipality -06, Bhraam compelled to study in the dust. 

Due to the lack of furniture, students are bound to study in the floor. According to the local, Bir Bahadur Bista there is the development of office buildings, vehicles, facilities of drinking water, electricity and other infrastructure facilites of Bhraam Rural Municipality, however, the basic infrastructure of the school had been ignored. 

The school established 43 years ago is without furniture. Classrooms are not proper and clean as well. The school has a woeful condition.

Principal Sunarlal Chaudhary said,"The state of physical infrastructure of the school for Montessori to class 8 is weak." Chaudhary added that the request for the arrangement of furniture was ignored by Education Coordination Unit along with other bodies. Facilities for Electronic attendance, a set of solar panel and computer are available in school. However, computers are not used and the solar panels are used only to charge the mobiles of teachers and local guardians.

The current budget of the Rural Municipality managed electronic attendance, computers, and solar panels. There are 269 students in school which include 20 students from Montessori. One of the students, Hari Bista, said that they are obliged to study sitting on the ground as there is no provision of proper benches and carpets.