Labourers of Kapilvastu started coaching classes for their children



The labourers of the Kapilvastu-6, Barmeli Tol who earn their livelihood by sieving the sand near the river area have started the coaching center for their children on their own. The initiative was made by a group of locals of the area who have come to realize that it was due to lack of education that they had to run from river to river for the sake of making a hard living.

The children of the labourers attend the extra coaching classes after their school which are run by the group made by their parents themselves. Children attend the school in the morning, return to home in  the noon and head to the coaching after tiffin.

The classes are conducted in the children’s development center of the Barmeli Tol and irrigation center of Tilaura of Kapilvastu. Each center is attended by some 30 to 35 students. The educated females having passed SEE to bachelor’s level of the locality are kept as teaching staff which has also provided them with part time employment.

According to the locals, the coaching centers have been running from past three years. Previously a NGO named Kidark helped them with donation of Rs. 1500 per month. However, from the last year the community has been managing the finance on its own. Each teacher is payed ranging from Rs. 40 to 100 based on the capability of the parents. People who cannot afford the fees are not pressurized.

The chairman of Barmeli Tol Swabalamban Sashaktikaran Samuha, Gomata GC states that the children have shown a better discipline and focus towards study after they started going the coaching classes. Also, parents have been discussing the problems and solving them together for the betterment of the community education.

(Source: Kantipur)