Korean aid for reconstruction of school in Parbat



Birendra Secondary School located in the Kusma Municipality of Parbat has been rebuilt after the eartquake of 2072 by the Korean aid.

The citizens of Khwangju City of Korea have made the donation for the reconstruction of the school. A team under the leadership of Yung Jung came to visit the school of Parbat and conduct the reconstruction work.

The team has handed over an amount of NPR 2 lacs for the work of first installment and has agreed to provide the remaining necessary amount in the second installment.

The chief of the municipality Ram Chandra Joshi has appreciated the help from Korean team and requested for help in other areas of Kusma Municipality in the future.

The Korean had previously established a health centre in the Modi rural municipality of Dimuwa. The ward chairman of Pakuwa Shiva Paudel invited the Korean team in the Pakuwa of Kusma Municipality for the reconstruction work.

(Source: RSS)