KMC's instruction to institutional schools



Kathmandu, Jan 7 (RSS): Kathmandu Metropolitan City is set to strictly implement the provision for institutional schools to name their respective schools and issue a student identity card in Nepali language. 
This drive will be intensified from the coming new academic year, said education officer at the KMC Sitaram Koirala. "Parents often get confused with the name of their children and their school written in English. So the new provision is expected to help them," he said. 

However, the schools are free to decide whether to name a school and issue a student identity card in also English, he said. Schools and colleges are reported to have been ignoring the direction of the government to name their respective schools or colleges in Nepali language and in the way reflecting the Nepali original culture. 

The Private & Boarding Schools Organisation (PABSON) and National Private & Boarding Schools' Association will be directed to implement the provision after it will be endorsed by the education committee, he said. 

There are 640 institutional schools within the KMC, according to available data.