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Kathmandu Youth Conclave 2021 Press Meet Held

April 05, 2022
Kathmandu Youth Conclave 2021 Press Meet Held

A press conference for the Kathmandu Youth Conclave (KYC) 2021 was conducted to highlight the impending event, which would be one of Nepal's largest gatherings of young people. The press conference was conducted in conjunction with an event hosted at The Royal Banquet in Tinkune, where the event's guest speakers and coordinators, as well as officials from the event's sponsors, all outlined the event's general management and program objectives.

The goal of conducting this program is to connect the youth, who make up around 40% of the country's population, with the knowledge, talents, and expertise of prominent, experienced, and amazing individuals in many disciplines of the country in order to contribute to the country's overall growth.

The program will play a role in motivating the country's powerful youth to seek opportunities in Nepal rather than abroad, provide education in Nepal, take an active role in the country's economic development, create self-employment opportunities, and motivate them to participate in national service.

Approximately 5,000 young people, primarily between the ages of 16 and 25, are anticipated to take part in the program. KYC's slogan is "Inspiring Youth, Leading Nation," and it lives up to that statement. Its inception is a gallant endeavor to instill enthusiasm and inspiration in today's youngsters so that they can recreate it.

KYC 2021 Press Meet

Event Details

Date April 9, 2022, (Chaitra 26, 2078)
TIme 9 AM onwards
Venue Pragya Pratisthan (Nepal Academy Hall), Kathmandu
Expected No. of Youth 5000 young students, scholars, and learners
Chief Guest Hon'ble Devendra Paudel (Minister of Education, Science and Technology)
KYC 2021 Icon Sushant KC

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