Kathmandu University invites aplication for Paid Internship in Engineering



Kathmandu University, Department of Mechanical Engineering invites application from interested candidates for ‘Paid Internship’ for study and monitoring of welded joints.

Roles and Responsibilities

1.       Study testing standard for welded joints

2.       Propose a testing protocol for different types of welded joints

3.       Develop guidelines and checklist for welding quality assurance

4.       Facilitate tests on the site and lab as per requirement

5.       Monitor if standard is followed during welding process


Candidate should be current student of BE in Mechanical Engineering (Design & manufacturing / Hydropower subdivision), Third year Kathmandu University and must have good knowledge of welding / welded connections.


Application Process

Eligible applicants should submit completed form along with attachment to Department of Mechanical Engineering or email to [email protected]. Label envelop with “Paid Internship” on outside.

1.        Filled in form

2.        Copy of identity (University Id Card)

3.        Motivation letter

4.        One recommendation letter from DoME faculty

5.        CV

 Selection Process

1.       Initial screening based upon application, letter of motivation and recommendation letter

2.       Personal interview

3.       Performance in welding camp

Application Deadline: 15 April 2018

Only short-listed applicants for interview will be notified with the decision from selection committee.


For Application and Detailed Information, please contact

Pratisthit Lal Shrestha, Assistant Professor, DoME, [email protected]