Irregularities in scholarship money


Himalayan News Service

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Guardians of Auliya Tauliya Primary School in Chyangre have accused the school authority of embezzling the scholarship meant to be distributed to Dalit students in Bhojpur. 

The school had distributed Rs 331 to each student instead of Rs 400. The locals blamed the school of embezzling the budget on various pretexts. 

However, the school claimed that they had obtained scholarship of Rs 400 each for 15 Dalit students, but they had to share the same amount among 18 students.

Tirtha Shrestha, Principal of the school, denied the charge and said the amount was reduced to Rs 331 as 3 more scholarship awardees had been added. “As the number of Dalit students increased, the fund was distributed to all of them as per the decision of the school management committee,” he said. 

Bhojpur DEO Basanta Prasad Koirala said the school had to distribute the scholarship after demanding adequate amount from the office rather than distributing it to students.