Investment in Education must be reviewed, Experts Say



Kathmandu- Experts say government’s investment in education should be reviewed. 88 percent of the total investment in education is made by the government but any distinct progress is not seen so far, experts say.

Ministry of education has asked the donor agencies to give continuity to previous programmes without reviewing the progress.

Education expert Bidhya Nath Koirala said that investment in education should be guaranteed by the government. “The government gives more emphasis on educational aid by donor agencies which is merely 12 percent,” said Mr. Koirala.  “There should be discussion and debate on 88 percent. It is important to increase investment at the local level”, he added. 

Another expert Mana Prasad Wagle said that education being the responsibility of government, the government should take aid from donor aid only for building physical infrastructures. “Constitutionally school level education is a compulsory responsibility of government, the government should tell donor agencies to help only in developing  physical infrastructures in all seven provinces.” He added.

 The donor agencies have helped about 10 percent in School Area Development Plan (SSDP). The government has signed an agreement with donor agencies for five years in 2016. Joint Secretary of Education Baikuntha Aryal said, “  It is important to know how the past commitments are carried out and managed.”

There are nine pulling (who give aid directly to the project) and seven non-pulling donors. World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, JAICA, UNICEF etc have vowed to give Six and half billion dollars for f five years.