​International Leadership Camps for Teenagers being held in Kathmandu & Biratnagar



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YES! Club World – Nepal of The Art of Living Nepal is organizing International Leadership Camp for Teenagers from 30th March to 7th April at Art of Living Shankhamul Centre, Kathmandu and 4th April to 11th April at SSRVM School, Biratnagar. During this camp, Youth Empowerment Seminars - YES! & YES! 2 workshops will be conducted. YES! Club World Nepal is one of the leading and only club for kids, teenagers, youths and adults. It has been conducting several workshops and engaged kids and teenagers in leadership since its inception from 2009.

YES! & YES! 2 workshops are for teenagers of 14 – 18 yrs old and focus on developing and nurturing self-esteem, team work, cooperation and other important life skills. Alongside it will also conduct All Round Training in Excellence – Art Excel for Kids of 7yrs – 13 yrs old.

Simple techniques and tips for day-to-day issues are also shared during the workshop by practically experiencing through games. The workshop has special sessions that will help one to remove stress, feel free and light from within. It also will groom from the innerself to handle negative emotions and blossom outside. Several tips for increasing concentration and memory along with study tips are shared. The workshop also focuses on learning to handle peer pressure, Learn to smile no matter what, Re-energise body and mind, Learn to think of others, not just of oneself and remove all negativity and fill up with positive energy.

Gaurav Kandel, Coordinator for Programs and Projects at YES! Club World Nepal shared, “ I joined these workshops when I was a kid and teenager myself and today I have groomed so much through all the amazing techniques that we get to learn in these workshops.” He added, “Teenagers here are mostly in school and home but we hardly let them engage in productive life skills that will help them grow much more than what we have been seeing. Here at YES! Club we encourage them to take leadership of projects and run it.” Peer pressure is very demanding. So are exams, parents, relationships, sports and entrance tests. So how can one cope with everything? The YES! program empowers teenagers physically and mentally. Have fun in team games and interactive processes, and group discussions about the issues that affect your life: dealing with friendships and relationships, how to concentrate better on studies, how one can reach your potential. Gain the ability to take the right decisions through important processes conducted during the workshop. Overcome nervousness and stage fear with simple techniques. Learn to love yourself, learn to share with others and handle problems with a smile, instead of a frown. Come and see the world from a different point of view.

YES! Club World – Nepal plans to integrate with schools and colleges for these workshops in near future whereas conduct special parenting sessions for Parents of kids and teenagers. It has been conducting workshops all across Nepal with more than a dozen faculties who have been empowering young minds at rural and urban Nepal. Some of the major programs that it has conducted include Bal Utsav – Celebrating Talent, International Talent Hunt for Kids and Teenagers as well as Spread A Smile Project among many others.

One can register for its workshops via www.artofliving.org & www.facebook.com/yesclubnepal as well as reaching out at 9803039750.