​​​ Integration of three academies under discussion



Kathmandu, June 21 (RSS): The government's decision to integrate Nepal Academy, Nepal Fine Art Academy and Nepal Drama Academy into a single Academy has drawn wave among the academia. 
In this connection, Nepal Academy on Thursday organized a workshop 'Restructuring of Nepal Academy in the Current Context' to draw opinions from different sectors on the move. 

On the occasion, some academicians noted the need of merger into one while some others mooted separate existence of the existing academies. 
At the onset of the programme, Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lalbabu Pandit said the Nepal Academy has been on verge of change while noting that the time has come to think about future course of the institutions when the objectives of all three academies have not been materialized. 

However, all three academies would operate as it was until a Single Academy Bill enacted and enforced, he said. 
The Minister also hinted challenge in organizational change due to high prevalence of status-quoist mentality even when the country has entered in to federal practice. 

Nepal Academy Chancellor Ganga Prasad Uprety said the government's decision to integrate all three academies into one had created wave in this sector and stressed that they should persuade government on how the Nepal Academy can function effectively. 
Professor Jagat Upadhyay had presented a working paper on the topic