Institutional schools praised for educational development



Ghorahi, Dang, Dec 30 (RSS): Chief Minister of Province 5 Shankar Pokharel on Sunday recognised institutional schools as having an important role in carrying out educational development in the country. Praising the contribution of institutional schools to education sector, he pointed out that they have played a great role in supporting the state's educational policy. 

"All should unite to wipe out problems in education," said the CM, while inaugurating the 14th district convention of the Private & Boarding Schools Organisation (PABSON), Dang. 

He also said that the PABSON has a great role in reducing excessive commercialization in educational taking place across the country. 

On the occasion, Central General Secretary of PABSON Rajendra Baniya viewed that the state should treat government and institutional schools equally. 

The Conference will pick a new leadership for the next three years.