An individual transforms the face of a school in Baitadi



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A youth of Baitadi district has set an example by establishing a school from the money collected from the donations of festivals and conducting the religious ceremonies. Harishkiran Bista of the district has collected some 29 lacs of rupees and reconstructed the Ganeshwar Secondary School on his own efforts. He has spent the money in building three buildings each having 6 rooms for the school.

The school was establsied in 2032 of the then Siddheshwar-4 of now Patan muncipality. The school was established by the labour and financial assistance of the locals. It was in a wrecked condition since a while.

There are currently about 550 students in the school and the school runs  from kindergarten upto class 12. The school has improved since Bista has hold the position of chairman of the mangemen committee. The school with a brand new building has improved class materials and the students are also liking it.

However, there is lack of government seat allocation of teachers where there is none for the kindergarten classes. According to Bista, they have time and again asked for the teachers appointment in te kindergarten classes but government does not seem to be hearing it. On the other side, the district headquarter school which has no kindergarten students owns two tteachers appointed for it.

Harishkiran Bista was upset by the miserable condition of education in the district and decided to do something on his own. He was not believed at first but got the support of the parents later when he started spending his own money to make the necessary changes in the school.

The school has also started to run the technical classes in grade 11 in which there are 25 students.This work by Harishkiran Bista has been an inspiring job for others who look forward to the government for each and every problems of their locality. The school has been an example in the district.

(Source: Gorkhapatra)