Incomplete Construction of hostel building for Dalit students



Lahan, Aug 28 (RSS): Construction of a hostel building for the Dalit students is in limbo in Siraha due to the negligence of the consumer committee. The building is being constructed by the State 2 government in the headquarters of the Siraha district. 

It is being constructed on the premises of Surya Narayan Satya Narayan Morawaita Yadav Multiple Campus in Siraha. The estimated cost of the hostel building is Rs 9 million.

Although the construction of the hoe was begun with the objective of completing it in fiscal year 2018/19, the construction has not made any headway. The construction materials are strewn everywhere at the construction site.

Rs 3.9 million of the hostel building has been frozen as the facility was not completed within the deadline, engineer at the infrastructure development office, Pashupati Saha, said. 

He said Rs 4.3 million of the total funds allocated for the construction of the building has been spent so far and furniture worth Rs 800 thousand has been purchased.

It also remains uncertain whether the State 2 government will allocate budget for the construction of the hostel now that Rs 3.9 million allocated for that purpose has been frozen.

Leaders of the local dalit community have urged the State government to complete the construction of the hostel. According to them, the State government is positive towards construction of the facility, but the consumers committee's negligence and irresponsibility is largely to blame for the delay.