Include moral education in schools: NPABSAN


Republica National Daily

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Reintroducing moral science studies for school goers is a must if children are to grow up as morally sensible human beings, the National Private and Boarding Schools´ Association Nepal (NPABSAN) have said.

Submitting a memorandum to Minister for Education Chitra Lekha Yadav on Monday, NPABSON associates advocated that the students are currently going through the gap between moral values and laws that carry sanctions. The newly formed central committee of NPABSAN had submitted the memorandum highlighting the agenda passed by its recent general convention.

With slight modification, the existing moral education needs to be linked with the existing laws, as the students need to know that discrimination based on caste, race, sex or disability is serious violation of law, stated the NPABSAN Chairperson Karna Bahadur Shahi on the occasion.

Similarly, the organization has also stressed the need for ensuring peaceful environment near the school area. “Slaughter houses, liquor shops and offices of political parties around the school area often disturb the academic environment as such places are often crowded,” an NPABSON´s statement read.

Also, opposing the government´s policy to remove the provision of send-up exams before SLC, NPABSAN has urged the authorities to review the policy and reintroduce send-up system.

“One of the important reason behind the declining pass rate in SLC could be the removal of send-up exams as the students´ progress cannot be assessed before the SLC exams in the absence of send-up exams,” read the memorandum submitted to Minister Yadav.

Amendment to the Education Act, revision of scholarship issues and promotion of sports activities in school level are among the issues raised by the newly elected committee.