Illegal Funds Being Taken By Community Schools


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Kapilvastu, Falgun 9: In the name of help most of the community schools in Kapilvastu having been collecting illegal funds. The school has made various reasons to collect money from students and parents. Even though the government has been spending millions of rupees for free education, the students are deprived of the free education that is indicated in the constitution as a fundamental right.

Community schools are taking money from the parents in the name of English medium, salary for private teachers, construction of buildings, management of language teachers, etcetera. In this activity, the management committee makes the decision and helps them. Shri Anirudha Public Secondary School, located in Yasodhara Rural Municipality – 5, Baidauli, of the district, has been taking fees from students of Class 1 to 10. The school administration has been taking an annual fee of Rupees 300 from classes 1 to 4, in the name of management committee’s decisions. Likewise, the school has decided on annual fees for classes 5 to 8 as Rupees 500 and from classes 9 and 10, the annual fee is Rupees 1,500.

Likewise, the school has taken fees from classes 6 to 10, in the name of additional admission and annual help. The fees are stated as: for class 6 Rupees 400, class 7 Rupees 700, class 8 Rupees 800, Class 9 Rupees 1000 and class 10 Rupees 1,200. The meeting has decided upon monthly fees for the students as Rupees 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 for classes six, seven, eight, nine and ten respectively. In addition to it, the school has collected fees for the library, Identity Card, Red Cross in the amount Rupees 500, Rupees 50 and Rupees 50 respectively. Students said that they were paying additional fees in the name of helping the school. The school annually collects Rupees Three lakh fifty thousand in the name of service fees.

The exam results were put under consideration if the service fees were not paid to the school. A student informed that they paid support fees as the school demanded teachers and improvising buildings. Established in 2002 B.S. the fees that have been taken since many years has been constant, said the member of the management committee Bhagwandas Yadav. The decision had been taken because there was the lack of teachers and of buildings, said Yadav.

Though fees were taken in the school, a receipt was given in the name of assistance. Head of the committee, and elder member Manju Barai informed that with the alternative source not being managed for the operation of the school, they had been forced to collect service fees. Teachers said that with the School’s property in pursuit alternative income sources has not been managed, creating problems. Currently, there are only 14 teachers even though the school has also been introduced Plus Two Levels. The 4 private medium teachers were paid their salary by collecting support fees from the students.

Lack of teachers in the school, lack of building and due to lack of management for other expenditures, fees had to be collected, said the headmaster, Devendramani Tripathi. The local level had not allocated budgets for the construction of the buildings and payment of teachers’ salary which resulted in the collection of support fees, said headmaster Tripathi. District Education Office, however, said that the school cannot forcefully collect the help fees for any reasons. District Education Officer, Surendraraj Parajuli, said that the school cannot collect the funds for increasing their income source. Parajuli said that information will be taken regarding this matter from the school.