HSEB office padlocked for indefinite period by employees



Employees of the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) have carried out an indefinite lockout at the board's central office in Sanothimi since Wednesday.

The employees union padlocked the central office alleging that the Ministry of Education appointed employees by violating the HSEB rules.

The offices of the Vice Chairman of the Board, Dr. Hem Kumar Mishra and Member Secretary Bhimlal Gurung as well as the administration division at HSEB central office have been padlocked for an indefinite period, said HSEB Employee' Union, Narendra Prasad Dhakal.

The Ministry of Education had recently appointed Gyani Yadav, a Joint Secretary at the Centre for the Development of Educational Resources, as the chief of the administration division at HSEB. The post had fallen vacant after administrative chief Dhal Bahadur Khadka took voluntary retirement.

The Union has been arguing that the appointment to the vacant posts should be made from within the HSEB and not from outside. The union officials say that their protests will continue until Yadav was recalled.

(Source: RSS)