HSEB launched Technical Education in Plus Two, Application still open



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Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has launched technical problem in plus two level. It has given affiliation to 62 Higher Secondary School, which will be running one of the following programs.

On September 25, HSEB handed over certificates of approval to 62 higher secondary schools for running technical classes in Grade XI.

The certificates were handed over to the officials from 62 schools at a function organised by the HSEB in Bhaktapur. Nepal government had earlier piloted technical and vocational education in 99 higher secondary schools, but the HSEB had given approval to only 62 higher secondary schools for running technical classes in Grade XI

  1. Ten Plus two in Electrical Engineering
  2.  Ten Plus two in Computer Engineering
  3.  Ten Plus two in Civil Engineering
  4.  Ten Plus two in Plant Science
  5.  Ten Plus two in Animal Science

Students can read the description about these newly launched programs and colleges offering this course by following links given above..

Colleges which want to run one of the above mentioned programs can apply within 7 days of publication of this notice. 

Meanwhile, Technical and Vocational Education Schools Network has been demanding that the HSEB allow all 99 schools to run technical classes in Grade XI.

Earlier, only 87 schools had submitted application for affiliation with HSEB and permission to run techical classes. But after pressure from TEVSN, the HSEB has recently asked all other technical secondary schools to apply for affiliation and subject approval.

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