HSEB issued notice to Cosmopolitan college not to enroll students



Higher Secondary Education Board today issued a notice for chabhil based cosmopolitan college, not to enroll new students. It also urged gurdians not to enroll their students in Cosmopolitan College. 

According to the notice published by Higher Secondary Education Board, Cosmopolitan College is enrolling students in grade 11 without taking affiliation from Higher Secondary Education Board.  HSEB is the  authorized affilaiton granting body for higher secondary schools.

It also urged the parent/gurdians not to enroll their son/doughter there and HSEB will not be liable for any untoward consequences if they disobey this notice.  HSEB futher clarified that they will not registered the students to HSEB who have enrolled to/will enroll to Cosmopolitan college and they will also punish other higher secondary schools who assist to register these students from their HSS. 

Read the notice published by HSEB Here:

HSEB notice.jpg

Cosmopolitan College and Jagat Mandir Higher Secondary School has collectively published the Press release. They regret the mistake while advertising and made clear that Jagat Higher Secondary School and Cosmopolitan college are running under the same management and Jagat Higher Secondary School is affiliated with Higher Secondary Education Board since 2057 BS. See their notice here: cosmopolitan colleges reply.jpg

Now Jagat Mandir Higher Secondary school has issued another notice. They have apologised of using name of Cosmopolitan college while advertising of their grade 11 and grade 12 program and they have told that they dont have any relationship with cosmopolitan college.

Jagat Higher Seconday School published another notice.jpg