HSEB budget fails to get assembly nod


Himalayan News Service

he budget-document presented by the Education Minister-led Higher Secondary Education Council for approval at the 21st HSEB assembly, was full of errors, therefore the assembly today decided to form a committee to correct and address issues raised by assembly members, instead of giving the rubber stamp nod as usual.

The council had tabled a budget of Rs 896 million for the fiscal year of 2011/12, months after the fiscal year began. Joint-Secretary at Ministry of Education Janardan Nepal heads the four-member committee to correct the document.

Although the fiscal year started mid-July, the council tabled the budget at the assembly, drawing harsh comments demanding a thorough checking of the document.

Assembly members Anil Kumar Jha, Bauwalal Shah and Deepak Sharma alleged that the budget allocation was not transparent, and cited anomalies such as over-time allowances of up to 320 days for employees, and many more.

The assembly then decided to form a committee to correct the document. Assembly member Bauwalal Shah demanded austerity measures like that of cabinet ministers, on use of vehicles by the vice-chairman and member secretary of HSEB saying that they have used more expensive vehicles than ministers.

Bauwalal Shah raised issues of misappropriation and malpractice intended by the proposed budget.

Likewise, assembly-member Anil Kumar Jha raised the issue of HSEB officials withdrawing money for double lunch, uniform allowance equal to salary amount, treatment and medicine allowance even after retirement.

Many members of the panel were of the view that the board meetings were simply ritualistic and the board itself played only the role of rubber stamp.

Vice-Chancellor of Mid-West University Padam Lal Devkota said there was no work at the board but they were only meant to pass the budget every year, plyaing role of a rubber stamp.

Head teachers representative Bimala Panta also had complained of being jobless. The committee has to correct the budget document and get approval after submission to the minister within seven days.

What ails the board

• No teacher appointed for 2,500 public +2 schools for tens of thousands of students

• Jurisdiction dispute between HSEB and Ministry of Education has caused uncertainty among hundreds of the teachers working since the beginning of plus-two education.

• The Board has done nothing more than grant permission to plus two schools and conduct examinations.

• The allocated grants for teachers in schools is not justifiable.

• Stakeholders confused regarding teachers and their development.

• Government yet to manage teachers’ quota for higher secondary schools.

(Source: The Himalayantimes)