High Fees in Private Schools: 5 lac fee for Grade 1


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The admission fee of a grade 1 student in Premier International School, Satdobato, Lalitpur, is 50 thousand. Other than that, the school collects fees in the name of security deposit in the amount of 40 thousand yearly. Likewise, in the name of library fees 7,500, yearly stationary 25,200, IB course and ICT 14,400, monthly tuition 25,000 and lunch 6,500, the school has been collecting fees from the grade 1 students.

Considering all the fees in various title heads, the total fees for the grade 1 students would be more than 5 lacs rupees yearly. There is a similar fee structure for students of classes 1 to 3, but the students' fees are increasing in higher levels

When the Department of Supply Management and Protection of Consumers Interest, investigated regarding this matter it was found that permission to fix the fees was not received from District Education Office. The department investigated fees of Pathsala Nepal, Rato Bangala School, Little Angels, Rosebud School, Vidya Sanskar (Chelsea), Galaxy Public School, Premier International, Gems School, Nobel Academy, The Chandbagh School, Budhanilkantha School, Ullens School, Rupy’s International School and Daffodil Public School. 

The governmental statistics shows that Rato Bangala School of Lalitpur has been taking up to 75,000 rupees for admissions, and 25,000 for deposits. The school took monthly fees in the range of 21,460 – 26,750 which is mentioned in the report prepared by the department.

This school has been collecting Rs. 2,400 to Rs. 2,800 fees in the name of ‘Social Fund.’ The school has also been taking fees under the title of admissions, monthly fee, library fee, extracurricular activities and ‘Curriculum Sport.’

The department is preparing to file a complaint against these schools because they have been taking fees which are illegal, according to their wish and they have been taking the fees in the name of various titles which are not mentioned in the law. Shantha Dixit, principal of Rato Bangala school, did not need to respond to the subject by mentioning that she was feeling ill.

The Chandbagh School, Bansbari has been collecting fees from Grade 1 students under 14 different titles. To show that they were following the rules and regulations of the government the school has been taking only Rs. 2,363 as the admission fee for grade 1, but it has also been taking 25,000 rupees from every student in the name of ‘Development Charge’.

 Government officials are also unaware of the fees taken by the school as this was not prevalent anywhere. The Education Act has clearly mentioned that the school was not allowed to take fees from the students to build the schools infrastructure.

“What is the motive behind the school taking 25 thousand rupees from every student in the name of development charge? The school has not been able to make the issue clear,” said Director of the department Dahal.

The school has also taken 2,363 rupees in the name of a security deposit, monthly fees of Rs. 2,363 and 4,400 rupees in the name of stationery chargers from grade 1 students.

Even though the school has been taking admission fees and monthly fees, they were also found to be taking 3,700 rupees in the name of ‘Other Monthly Charge.’ Besides that, the school also took fees under the name of Education Tour Charge, Computer, Special Training.

These schools who were taking high fees in the name of providing qualitative education to students are only representatives. When the fee structure of 15 famous and expensive schools of the capital was investigated it was found that none of them had been following the laws. He informed that the files of these schools will be studied and the complaint would be filed against them.

The guardians were forced to pay fees to the school even when the management collected fees indicating that their children had no relation to studies. The Ministry of Education and Education Department is unknown about this issue.

There is a law that every school should provide scholarships to 10 percent of the total students they have admitted, but Rato Bangala school has not implemented this law. If these schools have to charge a lot of fees, there is a legal arrangement to call the parents and formulate the fees, but most of the schools have not followed this process.

The schools have been given chance to provide reasons for taking the heavy fees, but it was not satisfactory, claimed the department.

For the fee scheduling and criteria of Private schools the schools have been categorized into A, B, C, and D levels according to the procedures of 2072, and fees are fixed accordingly. According to the direction, every district has taken different fees and even though the school has to take the admission fee only once in the whole time a student is enrolled in the school, few schools have taken admission fees every year.

The yearly fee amount could be taken equivalent to the monthly fees of two months, according to the arrangements made by the directory. In the investigation, it was seen that the schools were not following this rule.