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Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City Tackles Teacher Shortage Challenges for the First Time

February 09, 2024
Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City Tackles Teacher Shortage Challenges for the First Time

For the first time, Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City has implemented a scientific approach to align positions in the educational sector. The municipality's efforts to systematically address teaching vacancies, which had long been disorganized, have received widespread acclaim. The initiative aims to resolve the teacher shortage issue by redistributing positions, reducing them in 32 schools, and adding 15 schools at the primary level. The anticipated outcome is an enhancement in the effectiveness of education in the sub-metropolitan area.

The vice mayor, in accordance with the decision of the Municipal Education Committee, has affirmed the successful fulfillment of vacancies. As per the amended provisions of the Education Act 2074, the City Education Committee has ensured that educational positions are allocated in a manner that is convenient and organized for everyone.

Mayor Meenakumari Lama expressed, "We have endeavored to address the challenges of teacher shortages and teaching in the school sector. By reorganizing positions, we aim to resolve all issues, and if any persist, we are committed to finding solutions."

In cases where challenges persist in schools affected by position reductions, the committee will monitor and re-manage the respective institutions. Currently, there are 55,000 students enrolled in community and institutional institutions within Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City.

The Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan Education Committee includes Mayor Meenakumari Lama, Deputy Mayor Rajesh Baniya, Chief Administrative Officer Shivraj Chaulagain, and Social Development Committee Coordinator Ramkrishna Koirala, among others. Municipal Assembly members Ranjita Silwal and Dawa Lama, Executive Member Ishwari Rasaili, Community School President Kamal Bista, and Sita Adhikari, along with Gyanendra Dahal representing the principal, Naveen KC as the institutional school representative, and Member Secretary Education Division Head Harishchandra Sapkota, complete the committee.

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