Govt calls for responsible citizenry as it champions access to education


Republica National Daily

KATHMANDU, April 10: The cabinet meeting held at Prime Minister’s residence, Baluwatar ordered ministers, political leaders, provincial and local government employees and businesspersons across the country to do their parts to ensure the poorest and deprived children can afford school. 

Communication and Information Technology Minister Gokul prasad Banskota has informed that the government is committed to ensure the fundamental right of education to all the children of the country. Therefore, it has requested for the voluntary parenthood of one boy and a girl to all the citizens.

“The government urges everyone to do the best of their abilities to send children from the poorest and most deprived communities to school,” Gokul Prasad Baskota, minister for communication and information technology said adding tha the government specially urged “politicians, ministers, government employees across all tiers, schools, businesspersons and media among others.”  

Baskota added that the decision contribute to campaign for a responsible citizenry.  Yesterday, upon signing up on Twitter, President Bidhya Devi Bhandari had applauded government’s decisions to increase children’s education. Government has decided in finding each and every child who are marginalized poor children  and invited all to accept the voluntary parenthood of such children.

The government asks the support from all the political parties, officials, government employees, representatives of all the provinces, businessmen, industrialists, experts, journalists, artists, teachers, education experts, professionals, civil service holders, National and International Non Government Organizations .

The campaign has been started by government to eliminate the darkness of the illiteracy and spread the light of education to all.