Government starts the process to establish Defence University



The government has already started the process to establish a separate university for the study of defence and security issues.

According to Ministry of Defence sources, separate universities of developed countries offer these type of courses, and emphasis has been made to establish such university in Nepal.

In the beginning, Nepal Army had proposed the government to establish National Defence College (NDC). However, the government has taken into consideration the process to move forward the 'think tank' on national security, security (energy, environment, food, health) and diplomacy. The National Strategy, Security and Defense University is currently proposed.

The proposal to establish Defence University was made after the students from Nepal have to go War/Defence colleges in US, UK, and other neighboring colleges to study these courses. Though this issue to establish Defense/War college had been raised during the previous government's days, preparations are started now.

After the selection of an officer in Nepal army, all the training until pass out is done on The Nepali Military Academy, Kharipati, Bhaktapur. With this consideration, the government has decided to establish a Defence University. Secretary of Ministry of Defence Bishnu Lamsal said that initial discussion is ongoing about the University.

According to Defense sources, the proposal to establish a Defence University in Nepal is moving forward with the initiative of the present Lieutenant General Ram Chandra Thapa. He insisted that it is necessary to produce experts within Nepal. High-level Command Course has already been started since 3 years ago in Staff College, Shivapuri, and Military Academy.

Present Commander in Chief of Nepal Army Rajendra Chhetri and Lieutenant General Purna Chandra Thapa presented the importance of this University, to former Minister of Defense Bhimsen Das Pradhan and present Deputy Prime Minister and  Minister of Defense Ishwor Pokharel. 

This University is going to be established as a subordinate of the Ministry of Defence with the presumption that the general public can also study in this University.