Government of Nepal to reinstate school teachers displaced during insurgency


Himalayan News Service

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The government has decided to reinstate the permanent teachers of community schools who were displaced during the decade-long insurgency.A proposed draft bill of eight amendment  to the education act has added a new provision for reinstating community school teachers .

Thousands of people, civil servants and teachers among others were displaced during the armed rebellion launched by then CPN –Maiost from 1996 to 2006.

According to the proposed bill, if the tenure of any teacher ends at the time when the acts come into force s/he will be entitling to pension. For others there will be two options-either receiving the gratuity and leaving the job or getting back to classrooms

Displaced teachers and other teachers’ organizations have long been demanding that the government provide their salary for the duration when they were displaced. But the government has said it will not oblige to their demands as they were not present in school during insurgency.

In addition, there is another challenge before the government – It does not have the accurate data of teachers who were displaced.

The government has proposed setting up an independent body to identify and verify genuinely displaced teachers. Hari Lamsal  joint secretary at the Ministry of Education ,said the government hoped the independent body would conduct its job in a such a way that justice is delivered to all the teachers who were genuinely displaced.

According to teacher’s organization many teachers were displaced by state during the decade- long conflict. But again must of them had quit their jobs for the fear of being attacked either by the security personnel or the Maoists as those turbulent times.

Shanker Adhikari  general secretary ,All Nepal Teachers organization close to the unified CPN Maoist said that they wanted the government  to provide all kinds of facilities to the displaced teachers as well as reinstate them.

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