Government announces Public Holiday tomorrow



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Ministry of Home Affairs announces public holiday on 15th Mangsir, 2074 (1st December, 2017) to mark the birth anniversary of Hazrat muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and on 10th Poush, 2074 (25th December 2017) for Christmas.

Please remember that though government has announced holiday tomorrow, many colleges will be conducting their classes as usual. If your college has not announced public holiday tomorrow, it is likely that your college will run tomorrow. 

We tried to gather official information of some of the colleges regarding tomorrow's public holiday. 

Name of College


Global College of Management

Dear all  This is to notify that tomorrow Friday, mangshir 15, 2074 college will resume it's regular schedule of classes.  Thank you  Principal

Orchid International College

There will be regular class and exams on Friday( 15 th Mangshir).

College of Information Technology & Engineering

College will remain open on Friday, 15th Mangshir 2074 as usual.

Uniglobe SS/College

Dear All This is to inform you all that, tomorrow on Friday, Mangshir 15, 2074, college will resume its regular schedule of classes. Uniglobe SS/College

Global College International

Dear All This is to inform you that, tomorrow on Friday, (Mangshir 15, 2074 )there will be regular schedule of classes. GCI A Level

Ojashwi College

Dear concerned persons, this is to inform you that there will be regular classes at Ojashwi College tomorrow (i.e.2074- 08- 15, Friday).