Full scholarship to the student who has secured the first position


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Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan city has made a law for the schools of the city to provide full scholarships to students who have secured the first position in their class. This provision has been made in the education rules issued by the Metropolitan City.

Metropolis has also made another law for the school to provide 50 percent scholarship to students who stood 2nd position in the class. If this law is implemented then students of Nursery to grade 12 who stood first and second will be benefited. There are six hundred and fifty private schools in this metropolis where altogether one lakhs fifty thousand students are being taught. The rules are already published in Local Gazette and will be implemented from next year.

Metropolis has prepared education rules and regulations to manage and to ensure responsibility in educational organizations and other concerned organizations. Earlier the work was being conducted by the District Education Office, now as the responsibility of that work is transferred to local government, these rules have been made. According to the rules, the Ward Office is now responsible for control and regulations of educational organizations.

The metropolis has directed the Ward Offices to monitor both government and private schools after making an investigation committee. From now onwards one should send applications to Ward Offices to establish new schools and the approval will be granted by Metropolitan City with the recommendation of Ward Office.

According to recent regulations, Metropolitan City can give permission to schools to run under Cooperative which is currently running under company or Guthi as per the decision of Educational Committee.
According to the rule of Metropolitan office, initially, to run the secondary school Rs 5 lakh, Rs Two Lakh Fifty Thousand for Primary School and for Early Child Education Center Rs 1, 50,000 deposit should be made.  Metropolitan also informed that schools should provide the inclusive based scholarship to smart, disadvantaged, helpless and poor, disabled, women, Dalit, tribe, conflict victim and martyr family students. The school should provide at least 10 percent scholarship to those students. 

At least 50 percent scholarship holder should be a girl student. The detailed information in regard to student’s full name, class, parents’ full name and address should be displayed in the notice of school. In addition, if the school has a website, then the information about student needs to be included there and should be sent to the Metropolitan office.  Head of the Education Department of the Metropolitan office, Prahlad Aryal said that he is committed to implementing the rules strictly. 

‘For this, Central and ward-based Supervision Committee for Metropolitan city will be formed.’ He said, ‘The center will continuously monitor whether the investigation has taken or not.’ The children who reside in the arena of Metropolitan city and have crossed five years of age should be compulsorily sent to the school for the basic education and those parents who do not send their child to school shall be deprived of getting services from the Metropolitan office. 

Source : Annapurna Post