Freshers' Social 2020 was organized by Campion College



January 12, 2020: Campion College organized the event "Freshers' Social 2020" where various performance were shown by the senior students and Mr. and Ms. Freshers' were selected. Fresher's Social is a culture that has been going on for years at Campion College. Continuing the culture, this year also Campion College hosted the Freshers' Social 2020 successfully.

The purpose of the event is to welcome the freshers into the college and give them a friendly environment where they can connect with seniors and their fellow classmates. The beginning of the course is always challenging and requires subsequent help to settle down, and this event provides that opportunities for the students. 

Different songs and dances were performed in Freshers' 2020 event. The culture of organized the event annually gives a platform for the seniors to not just showcase their talents, but also to build friendship with the freshers.

One of the biggest part of the Fresher's 2020, is the selection of Mr. Fresher and Mrs. Fresher. This trend alludes to represent the focus of aesthetics of the Campion College and its values that align with creating opportunities and boosting intellectual participation of freshers and seniors.