Free Laptop and Data Package for New Students at The British College(TBC)



The British College (TBC) has started to provide new laptop and data package initiative for students enrolling this year for the virtual learning to be accessible for all. 

Education is one of those sector which is highly affected by the pandemic so The British College had been teaching to its students via online medium.  The college ensured the classes to run smoothly so that the students' learning won't be affected. The teacher was also trained for being acquainted with the new mode of teaching as well. 

However, it suffered a setback in the beginning due to unavailability of strong internet connection therefore, The British College has decided to provide laptop to all newly enrolled undergraduate students when they choose an annual payment plan so that the student’s studies remain unaffected. 

Furthermore, students who qualify for this promotion will also receive a 6 month mobile data package. The college believes that this initiative will be of no extra cost to the students, but will be for the benefit. 

It will ensure students have the correct facilities to get the most from their classes and complete their assignments. In addition, it will guarantee that they have the correct internet connection to make sure that no lessons are interrupted due to power cuts or ISP connection issues, and hence have the support needed to reach their full potential.