A Fraudulent Event to Appeal Studying in Switzerland Halted With the Interception of MoEST

September 30, 2021
Last updated October 08, 2021

Without the approval of the government, an organization held an event in Kathmandu today to exhibit Nepali students the appeal of studying in Switzerland. According to the accord, an educational consultant can only plan a program with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology's authorization. After receiving authorization, the ministry has to permit the program to proceed only after thoroughly studying the organization. This necessitates the payment of revenue. However, the initiative was revealed to have been operated in direct disobedience by an institution named RLT IIHM.

The event began at 12 noon, according to Ministry officials. Around 2:30, ministry officials called the organization's operator and warned them to stop the program immediately and restart it only after getting clearance, or they would seek police assistance.

Dr. Hari Lamsal, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Education, cautioned that such initiatives that indiscriminately gather pupils might mislead children.

Even during the pandemic-stricken time, the trend of people travelling to Nepal from India for educational counseling and sending students overseas through intermediate counselors in Nepal has continued. Intermediary counselors in Nepal have been paid a commission based on the number of pupils per counselor.