Four schools run with proceeds from spare clothes sale



Lalitpur, Dec 8 (RSS): One of the problems of the management of space at one's home/room is created by spare clothes.  

Packing wardrobes or occupying hangers with old clothes for long is problematic, and equal qualm is there for us to throw these clothes into garbage bins.  

It sounds unbelievable, but such clothes are sold at Rs 10 per set and the proceeds is used to run a school. Even the broken or overused stationery materials are sold again for the same purpose.  Yes, an organization, Hoste Hainse, took such initiative in order to ensure the amount for the study of poor and helpless children. 

 Four schools are run in Sarlahi district where 2,000 students from poor households have been provided secondary level schooling.  The volunteers are collecting the used but useful clothes and stationery items for four years, selling these and providing the proceeds for the operation of the schools.  The schools are set up at Paderiya, Sahodawa, Dhangadha and Shreepur of Sarlahi district, where the education is provided with Rs 3,000 per student for a year, said Chairperson of Hoste Hainse, Sulochana Shrestha.  

She shared the information that collection of money from the public was managed this way after the mighty earthquake of 2072 BS for operating the schools.  However, it needs Rs 6 million per year to run the four schools. This huge amount is collected by selling the spare clothes, added Executive Director of Hoste Hainse, Krishna Saha. Most of the students in these schools are from poor, Dalit and backward communities.  

The spare clothes and others essentials are sold at the house of Dr Rishi Saha at Bhanimandal of Jawalakhel every Friday. The sale of the items collected by the volunteers including the foreigners in Nepal draws huge number of buyers.  

As the items including the spare clothes are provided at cost of Rs 10 and more, the people working at industries and offices also gather at the stalls to buy the clothes, according to Executive Assistant Pratima Neupane.  The organization set up in 2046BS has also been working for sustainable community development through education and empowerment.