Four-Bed Health Centre in Government School


July 30, 2022
Last updated July 31, 2022

A community school in Tulsipur sub-metropolis-4 of Dang has established a four-bed health centre targeting the school students. The Gurujajur Secondary School has invested 400,000 rupees to bring a four-bed health centre into operation on the school premises. Every day 15 to 20 students suffered health-related complications, hence the school decided to set up a health centre with proper beds, first aid materials and medicines for treatment, said the assistant principal of the school, Pramod Neupane.

The treatment of students in the centre will be carried out in consultation with doctors from Rapti Provincial Hospital in Tulsipur. "Presently the health teachers of the school are providing treatment to the students", Neupane said, "We have sought health workers but not been able to get them yet." Although the government has introduced the policy of one school one health worker programme it has not been implemented. Neupane said that although the Sub-Metropolitan City and the provincial government were repeatedly informed, they did not show any interest in this matter.

Chairperson of the Parents Teachers Association, Ishwari Prasad Gaire, said a professional health worker was needed for the school where 15 to 20 students get sick every day. There are 2,300 students in the school from pre-primary to Grade 12 and under forestry science faculty.