​Fifth annual nationwide Himalayan science fair held


Republica National Daily

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Students from 30 different colleges across the nation participated at the 5th Nationwide Himalayan Science Fair, hosted by White House College, Tinkune on Thursday. The first day of the event comprised of poster and project presentation while on the second day, the winners were announced and awarded.

The first prize was won by Graded English Medium School (GEMS) with the 'Hydro Electricity' project. Pentagon International College secured the second position with their project 'Settlement in Mars,' while Uniglobe College made it to the third position with their project, 'Smart city.'

Project 'Hydro Electricity' was a simple idea presented in a sophisticated manner: The force of the water pushed the turbine, generating electricity. Students of Pentagon International College presented Mars to be our second home if planet Earth becomes unlivable. Similarly, 'Smart City' was based on the concept of saving energy and labor. With their 'soil moisture' detector, farmers would be able to reduce manual work because their gadget would automatically pour in water upon moisture reduction and stop right when there's enough water. The street lights in their 'smart city' would also stop illuminating once the censors detected sufficient light in the surroundings.

The science fair intended to provide a platform for students to showcase their potentials and encourage them to solve everyday problems using science.

"Many of the projects this year was related to earthquake, overcoming blockade and utilizing home resources such as electricity. It's nice to see students trying to fix the situation using science. The future of the nation looks promising that way," said Yuvraj Sharma, Principal of White House College.